Stroke facts

More than 80% of strokes are preventable — in this section, you can read about the warning signs of a stroke, risk factors that can affect your likelihood to have a stroke, preventative measures you can take, and an overview of the different types of stroke.

Did you know...

people affected by stroke worldwide
0 million
someone in the US has a stroke
Every 0 seconds
are in someone who has previously had a stroke
1 in 0 strokes
of strokes are preventable with lifestyle changes
0 %

Being aware of the symptoms of a stroke and acting F.A.S.T. can save someone’s life and impact how they will recovery from the stroke.

Here you’ll find information on inherent risk factors — meaning we all have them —  and factors you can manage in order to prevent a stroke.

There are three main types of stroke: ischemic, hemorrhagic, and TIA; each one of them results in different treatment and recovery therapies. 

Learn about factors that we can control have to do with our lifestyle and certain medical conditions that are preventable and treatable.

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