Stroke survivor fund

The Stroke Foundation is proud to provide grants for stroke survivors experiencing financial hardship, to help cover the cost of physical, occupational or speech therapy.

Founded in 2020, The Stroke Foundation empowers stroke survivors during their recovery and rehabilitation phase by providing grants for additional physical, occupational and speech therapy.

How the Survivor Fund can help
What the Survivor Fund can't help with

In order to apply, you must meet certain eligibility requirements and submit specific required documentation:

Eligibility requirements
Required documentation

The process

1. Check elegibility

Look at the eligibility requirements at the top of this page and ensure you meet all of them. You can apply yourself, or ask a family member, caregiver, or medical professional to apply on your behalf.

2. Gather documents

We require you to submit documentation to confirm your diagnosis, demonstrate financial need and insurance coverage. Be sure to have these on hand before filling out the form.

3. Fill out application

Scroll down this page and fill out the form, ensuring all required fields are answered, the files requested are uploaded and you sign the application.

4. Wait for a response

We will look at all incoming applications and ensure all elegibility and application requirements are met. As we have an all-volunteer team, it may take us a bit to review everything and get back to you. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

If you are selected

5. Receive email

If you are selected, we will contact you to continue in the grant process. We will ask you to confirm your need for the grant and determine which clinic or medical institution you will do rehabilitation in.

6. Send invoice or bill

Ask your clinic to send us an invoice with the information requested in the email you recieved. It can be an invoice for future sessions or a bill for past sessions.

7. Payment

We pay the rehabilitation clinic directly through electronic payment only. No funds are disbursed to the stroke survivor or the applicant directly; all funds must be paid directly to the clinic or medical institution.

8. Start therapy

Once we pay the funds you will be able to start therapies and continue your road to recovery after stroke.

Frequently asked questions

Scroll down this page to fill out the form. Be sure to have all your required documentation ready to upload; you will not be able to complete the application without submitting the documents.

Applications are reviewed on an individual basis and the timeline for each application may be different. Even if you meet all requirements and submit all documentation, we depend on the funding available to give grants.

As we are an all-volunteer team we appreciate your patience and understanding as we may take a bit of time to respond.

If you have any questions, please email survivorfund@thestrokefoundation.org.

Any stroke survivor of over 21 years of age, who resides in the United States, and demonstrates financial need, is eligible for the grant.

If the stroke survivor can’t apply, we invite family members, caregivers or medical professionals to apply on their behalf.

Although we would love to be able to support all applicants, our Selection Committee reviews applications on a case-by-case basis and determine the amount granted on an individual basis to ensure we are making the greatest impact for stroke recovery.

Even if you meet all requirements and submit all documentation, we depend on the funding available to give grants.

The medical facility providing the treatment will send an invoice to The Stroke Foundation for the grant amount. It is the patient and/or caregiver’s responsibility to ensure the funds are used appropriately (follow up with the medical facility, attend the therapy sessions, etc.).

No, the Stroke Survivor Fund grant is solely to help cover the costs of physical, occupational or speech therapy that is being carried out in a licensed facility. The Stroke Foundation does not provide grant funds directly to individuals.

Due to the significant cost of therapies in the United States, it is unlikely that the Survivor Fund Grant will cover your entire therapy plan. The Stroke Foundation looks at each application on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to determine the amount of the grant for each application.

No, The Stroke Foundation cannot recommend or advise on the medical facility imparting the therapy, the course of therapy recommended, or anything related to the medical treatment of a patient.

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