YouTube channels for rehabilitation exercises

For many stroke survivors getting in to see a physical therapist is difficult and sometimes just not a possibility at all. Thankfully there are great Youtube channels available with plenty of videos full of exercises you can do at home — here are some of the best ones:

American Heart Association

The AHA is one of the leading entities doing fantastic work to prevent heart disease and stroke in the United States. Their YouTube channel has exercises, personal stories of stroke survivors and excellent information on staying healthy.

Visit their channel here.

Bob & Brad

This entertaining physical therapy duo have a lengthy library of videos that may help you manage pain and great exercises for stroke survivors rehabilitating their mobility.

Visit their channel here.

Flint Rehab

This fantastic group of people is dedicated to building tools and programs to help stroke survivors recover faster. 

Visit their channel here.

Helen Hayes Hospital

Located in New York, Helen Hayes Hospital is one of the best rehabilitation facilities in the country, and their channel has great information about stroke recovery.

Visit their channel here.

Pro-tip: you can use the search function in each channel to get stroke-specific videos — just type in “stroke” and press Enter.

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